The Shared Journey Fertility Program is a place of sanctuary and wellness for women and their families as they continue on their journey to grow as a family.

This non invasive and holistic approach to infertility prepares your body for pregnancy, and improves the success of IVF, IUI and other technologies.


Mercier Therapy is a deep, pelvic-organ, visceral manipulation technique in which the reproductive organs are mobilized and blood flow is restored in order to enhance natural and optimal function and increase your chances for a natural conception. This amazing therapy has helped thousands of women fulfill their hope of becoming a mother.

Melissa - Picton, ON

I am so happy to have found Mariko and shared my fertility journey with her. I would highly recommend Mercier Therapy as a first step to anyone embarking on a fertility journey of their own. I am so blessed to be expecting a little boy in the next 3 weeks, and it wouldn’t have been possible without her ! 

As a Mercier Fertility Specialist and Manual Osteopath, my goal is to offer support, compassion, and guidance while providing a wholesome and holistic treatment to infertility. | | | @countyosteo | 416.624.7088 | 1 Lake Street, Picton, ON

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