Primary and secondary fertility challenge
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Trying to start a family can be frustrating and exhausting.


If you’re reading this, maybe you and your partner have tried to conceive naturally with no luck.

Whatever your path,
it is important not to lose hope, and know you are not alone.

As women, it can feel like there is something fundamentally wrong with us when we experience infertility, but this simply isn’t true. Many factors may contribute to infertility, but, organ mobility and blood flow to the reproductive organs, incorrect ovulation tracking, nutrition, and stress are critical barriers to overcome.

It takes one bloom of hope or a garden to grow, and that’s what I’ve experienced with The Shared Journey Fertility Program, seeing the beauty and success of this work first hand. This program is a gentle, non invasive, and holistic approach to infertility. Along with the success of Mercier Therapy, I feel confident that a holistic approach to women’s health increases her chances of conception.

"I truly believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to become parents. As a Manual Osteopath, finding solutions to help clients has always been a priority for me. It wasn’t until I discovered Dr. Jennifer Mercier, the creator of Mercier Therapy, that I knew I wanted to be there for women through their fertility journeys. After travelling to Chicago, IL to work with her, I feel more inspired and confident that this therapy can truly impact the female reproductive organs and the entire fertility process."

Manual Osteopath & Mercier Therapy Specialist


Did you know?

The Mercier Therapy protocol is included in the Shared Journey Fertility Program. It is a sequence of techniques designed to encourage optimal placement of the reproductive organs, enhance circulation, and bring overall balance to the reproductive system. Blood flow is crucial; fresh blood flow coming into an organ carries oxygen and nutrients required for optional function and health. If any of the vital organs or reproduction aren’t getting sufficient blood flow, they won’t function optimally, which can result in infertility.

The Shared Journey Fertility Program at Kenko Osteopathy and Wellness promotes a holistic approach to infertility. This program prepares your mind and body through manual therapy, reproductive cycle education, nutrition guides, recommended supplements, and yoga.


I cannot wait to help you on your journey to parenthood.

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